Why I Decided on Wealthy Affiliate for Making More Money Online in 2020!

Why Did I Decide on Wealthy Affiliate for Making More Money Online in 2020?….

My Wealthy Affiliate Review

Why did I decide on Wealthy Affiliate?

My short answer: there is a like-minded community at WA with step by step training and tremendous support! I also want to learn from others who have been successful! No need to reinvent the wheel when others can show you how to do the same thing!

My 2020 goal is to earn more money online this coming year! I have been on the Starter plan with a free membership since 2017.

Begin your FREE Starter Plan with Wealthy Affiliate Here! It costs you zero! It’s a great way to get your feet wet with the website and read what members have to say! That’s exactly what I did!

I have dabbled a bit on WA, mostly reading posts, but was not yet seriously committed to all that it offered. That is, until this past year (November 2019)!

I have decided to stop just “playing at making money” and become professional about it! I want to learn ALL about affiliate marketing the RIGHT way. I became a Premium Member during the Black Friday Sale and haven’t looked back. Wealthy Affiliate is awesome!

I Am Not a True Newbie and Am Not Afraid to Try

I have written some blogs, made some websites, sold many items online. I know that consistency is very important, not just  having a “one and done” attitude. I also know that success is different for everyone.

I have decided that 2020 is going to be my breakout year for making MORE money online. I know it takes hard work. I know there is a lot to learn. I am going to add to my previous experiences in life and build on them.

One step at a time. One day at a time. Or like the shampoo bottle reads: “Wash, rinse, repeat”!

My Early and Primitive Websites

I have been publishing content on the internet for many years. I began by building FREE websites with America Online also known as AOL. With each AOL account, one could establish up to seven user names and a website for each of them. AOL was also a place that provided free hosting storage for photos and basic text documents. I learned how to use that self-hosting service for my early auctions on eBay back in 1999 and early 2000’s. I uploaded photos and then created a link to that photo for my eBay listings. How exciting that was!

Then I became interested in creating tables and HTML and purchased and used Adobe PageMill for my Mac. Pagemill was a very nice HTML editor for its time and I could make links, upload photos, change fonts and background color very easily. It was WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) at it’s best for the brave new computer/internet user! I was never a great designer, but I was getting seriously hooked on The World Wide Web during this time.

Then Apple Computer came out with iLife and self publishing websites became all the rage. I could build as many websites as I wanted, which Apple hosted for FREE! I dragged and dropped my low resolution digital images into a variety of professionally designed website templates and my work looked oh-so very professional! What could be better?

Become a Real Professional

Along with my decision to become a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, I want to give myself a real chance of making more money online.

There are so many benefits to my upgraded Premium membership. There are so many professional tools for success on their website! Here is a list of some of what Wealthy Affiliate features:

  • Support (Live Chat, SiteSupport, Q & A)
  • Personal Mentoring
  • Community
  • Training Courses, Step by Step
  • Weekly Live Classes (and 100’s of hours of replays)
  • Ambassadorship Program
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • Affiliate Bootcamp
  • The Affiliate Program
  • Networking
  • Building Websites
  • Website Performance Tools (SiteRubix)
  • Website Engagement Platform (SiteComments)
  • The Hosting Platform
  • SiteContent Writing Platform
  • Keyword Research Tool

A few that stand out for me are below:

Easy to Follow Training

One of the top enticements from the list above has to be the training and tasks connected to each section. There are videos along with instruction broken down into step by step, easy to follow and understand phases.

A short check list is located on the right hand side column, where you can check each do-able action once completed. Every time you log-in, you can pick up where you left off, or go back and review a particular section.

It’s all done at your own pace!

Built-In Audience for Your Personal Blog

I love the feature that allows you to post to a personal blog hosted right on WA! You can share whatever you like! It’s very easy for fellow members to read and comment on your posts! And in return you can read and comment on others on the WA site too!

There is such a nice feeling of community and I have been welcomed again and again by members each and everyday I log in to the WA website. It feels so warm and caring, especially for new members.

What a great way to build a network! I am trying to FOLLOW new members every day to build up my network! It’s fun to see my ranking go up with more interactions!

Affiliate Program with Big Rewards

At the top of your personal dashboard on WA is a “dollar sign” symbol. When you click on it, there is another dashboard with the following sections for the Affiliate Program.

Besides all the learning opportunities, there is money to be made! Each of us has there own goals and at Wealthy Affiliate you can dream big!

  • Program Details
  • My Stats
  • Tasks
  • My Referrals
  • Linking and Tracking
  • Messages
  • Banners

Everything is right there for you to be able to create links and make some money with Wealthy Affiliate. It has one of the highest payout to its own affiliates in the game.

Each banner and link has your personal code built right into in, so if someone clicks on it and signs up, you get the credit for it! I can’t wait to dig in and see what’s possible!

Want to join me at Wealthy Affiliate? I sure hope you do!

==>Click Here! Here is my personal link for you to create your own account today!

You can begin with a Starter membership and later upgrade to Premium if you like. Get your feet wet and see what I’ve been writing about!

Let’s Do This Thing!

The internet has changed a great deal since my early days of making primitive websites. Wealthy Affiliate has the tools for you to build beautiful WordPress websites that will attract visitors to your page, and those people will ultimately click on your affiliate links.

My personal plan is to get some niche pages built and fill them with interesting content and relevant links. As they say, it’s not rocket science!

I’ve read advice from some WA members who have achieved success: “Follow the training and anything is possible!” 

Let’s make 2020 a profitable year and make MORE money online this coming year!

I’m very glad that I decided to upgrade to Premium status! And I’m sure you can see all the potential WA has for bloggers like you and me!

Please join me! See you at Wealthy Affiliate! And when you arrive please send me a message and of course add me to your new network and FOLLOW ME. I will do the same for you!

My Bonus Gift for You

If you sign up for your FREE account on Wealthy Affiliate and upgrade to a Premium within 7 days, you will get:

  1. 59% discount on your first month of WA Premium for only $19! Yes, it’s only $19 for your first month.
  2. Contact me personally and allow me to answer any questions you may have. If I can’t answer, I can directly to a question box or Live Chat or webinar to help you with what you want to know!
  3. Diamond Traffic Bonus – How to Get Tons of Free Traffic – An awesome training from Kyle inside the WA program.

This list will give you some ideas to use for your own journey into making money online through a blogging website.

There is so much to write about from your own personal experiences, accomplishments, popular trends and what you are interested in.

Picking the perfect for blog niche topic will be like starting a new journey, full of adventure and excitement.

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